Introducing MiraFiber®
A revolutionary technology that cleans more effectively than harsh chemicals and soaps.

The Ultimate Cloth® cleans and polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, glass - all hard surfaces leaving a streak free, spot free, lint free and dust free finish every time. Due to its unique, exclusive construction, the Ultimate Cloth® pulls dirt, grease, grime, stickiness, Finger prints, hair spray, bugs, smoke film, tar, brake dust, soap scum and more.


general usage and surfaces


The Ultimate Cloth® is extremely Eco-Friendly because it uses water only for all of your cleaning and can work on every surface in your home....


Effective and Easy to Use

• Cleans & polishes in an exclusive 'One Step' process

• Cuts cleaning time in half

• A streak free, spot free, lint & dust free finish every time

• Extreme durability allows for the Ultimate Cloth® to be guaranteed up to 5 years general home use

• Washable and Bleachable

• Lint free cloth



Very impressed! Effortless and effective on my black flat Jennaire cooktop. Swipe & unsightly streaks/residue are gone!

Beth, Delta, BC